Grief and the Holidays

Dealing With Holiday Grief

While the holidays can be cause for reunion and celebration, the holidays can also be reminder of those close to you that are no longer present. While you will probably still be affected by their absence, here are some helpful suggestions that may provide you with tools for coping with grief during the holiday season.

Don’t Isolate Yourself
While you may not feel like you want to associate with people during the holidays, even if you must force yourself, do your best to participate in the activities going on around you. Acknowledge, to yourself, that you don’t really want to do this, and then take action to follow through to attend.

Don’t Get Too Busy
While getting out during the holidays is important be careful to create a manageable schedule, especially if you are not used to be extremely busy. Choose the activities that you will enjoy most. Being over active can cause undue stress which does not help you to deal with a broken heart.

Be Mindful of the Misuse Alcohol or Food
As a young child you may have been conditioned to believe that you could use food to cover up or push down your feelings. While this example was not done intentionally, by those who loved or cared for you, when upset you may have been told not to feel bad and were given a cookie or a mug of hot chocolate to help you to feel better. We teach what we know and learn from what we have experienced, observed, or heard from those around us.  As you get older there may be a chance that you might replace the cookie with overeating or the hot chocolate with drugs or alcohol in an attempt to mask your feelings of loneliness and sadness. 

Talk About How You Are Feeling
Grieving people are not broken. They do not need to be fixed, but rather they just want to be heard. In North America we are very uncomfortable talking about death and grieving and as a result we want to empathize with our own stories, offer advice, or change the topic of conversation. It is very important, during the holidays especially, that you have a friend that you can trust to let you talk about your memories and feelings;  a heart with ears.

Don’t Dwell On Talking About How You Are Feeling
While it is important to talk about how you are feeling, telling the same story over and over is not helpful. In fact telling the same story over and over strengthens the peptides that crave this feeling of sadness. Take a moment, with a friend, to acknowledge how you are feeling, for example, “I really miss Bill right now” and then make a conscious effort to talk about something else. Your emotions want to be recognized but it is not helpful to dwell on them.

Time Does Not Heal
While time can shift the intensity of the pain caused by loss, it cannot heal. Time is not an action. What heals are the actions that you choose to take during the passage of time that allows you to recover from the pain of your loss. Recovery from grief happens with take small and correct actions.

It is normal and natural to focus on the loss and the sadness of your grief. When you are aware that you are focusing in this direction, take a movement to recall a positive memory of your loved one. For example a time they made you laugh, a special trip you took, etc. This allows your sad emotions to be replaced with a happier memory.

Identifying Your Sadness
During times of grief you may find that you identify your sadness in time segments such as “I had a bad week” or “I had a bad day”. When you notice you are feeling sad try to realign the timeframe. For example, “I felt sad this morning” or “I had a rough evening”. That allows you to be open and to recognize that during other times that day or week you did have an experience other than grief.

For some the first holiday after a loss can be the most painful, but that is not true for everyone. For some the most difficult holiday can be two or three years down the road. Individuals who are waiting for time to ease the pain of loss may find that the pain of grief increases with each passing year.

The holidays provide a good time for you to monitor your grief. While grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, whether it be a death or the breakup of a romantic relationship, it is important to find helpful tools to assist you to discover and recovery from your loss.

In North America we are socialized to “get stuff” and we are ill prepared for how to cope with “loss”. The Grief Recovery Institute likens it to trying to paint a room with a screwdriver. If the resources available to you have not helped, it is not because of something that is wrong with you. It is simply because of a lack of incorrect information.

The Grief Recovery Institute offers a variety of resources to recover from grief. The Grief Recovery Handbook, Moving On (relationships), and When Children Grieve (supporting children when they grieve) can be helpful.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist I offer one-on-one and group programs to assist you through The Grief Recovery process.

Whatever method you choose it is important to be aware that recovery is possible. The Grief Recovery Method has successfully supported more than a half million people to deal with the impact of grief.

To learn more about The Grief Recovery Method please visit my website, contact me by email at, or call/text at 519-209-1986.

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Looking Back Week 13: MKMMA during the holidays

Well here we are Christmas with family, friends and parties happening all through the week. You try to attend and survive the holidays as many as possible.  It is the right thing do. I enjoy the time with family and friends, whether it is loud and noisy or soft and quiet, both are good.

Now how do I fit in MKMMA during the holidays? It has been difficult but not undoable. We haveholidays family staying with us for a week and a half so reading and sitting has been a challenge. My routine has been broken up so I have had to adapt. My sit which I like to do in the morning has been my biggest challenge. I have been getting it in later in the day some in late morning some in early afternoon. The length of my sit was up and down kind of like the holiday. I am finding that time of day and what is going on have a large impact on that. Today I sat for 35 minutes, I can hardly believe it. When I first started with MK it was a stretch to make it 5 minutes, progress!

In week 13-26 we were to concentrate on “being part of the whole and becoming a channel” to the Universal Mind. I found that during my sit I began to grasp this amazing ability we all have but so few of us use. Franklins quote “Increase in me that wisdom Which discovers my truest interest, Strengthen my resolution to perform that which wisdom dictates” is so very fitting. Working with the Law of Practice, I am finding that my mind wanders less and it is easier to bring my thoughts back to where they need to be.

I believe in my DMP and I visualize each of the statements I have made and they play as a movie in my mind. I am impregnating my thought with love so it will become invincible, making it even easier to focus on.

I continue to work on the seven day mental diet and being the observer with no opinions it is a constant mental workout. I believe I am getting better at it.

Happy Holidays to all, whatever you believe or worship. The holiday should relax and strengthen you as you prepare to become your true self.

Strength, Courage, Faith and Love

Week 31 Blog:  Coming

There is nothing like the Master Key Experience. If you want to discover how to get off your hamster wheel, the one that keeps you repeating the same experiences over and over, this is the program you have been searching for. Discover how to become a different person so that you can have a different experience and achieve new and amazing things.

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The Master Key Experience will stay with you long after the course has finished. How do I know? I am a graduate of the program and happy to say was a guide for the 2015 class.

This is self-development like you have never experienced. If you do the work….you will see the results!

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Reflections Week 2: Keeping Promises

What was that quote in the readings “most of it is practice and the rest of it is work”. That statement is true of this week. The scroll is becoming more work than practice as the words seem to have less meaning as the mind wanders having read them so many times. I struggled through them late at night one night this week when I really just wanted to go to bed but I did it. I am keeping my promises.  That is a positive thing and one I definitely want to continue. I completed my task, another plus.

promisesI admit that the sit is tough. Fifteen minutes can seem like an eternity at times. The challenge this week of clearing your mind of thoughts was super tough even for a short time. I was amazed at the number of thoughts that go on when you are trying to clear them. The readings are right, you can only do this for short bursts then thoughts of what you are trying to do creep in and within seconds there seem to be hundreds of things that want to go through your mind. This is work!!

As I start to understand the power of the world within it is simply amazing what Subby is up to. It is even more amazing that we can influence it by stating something strongly. I am becoming more aware of what I am saying and thinking. Being the observer and not giving an opinion is also much tougher than it sounds but I am slowly getting better at it.

The DMP is certainly a work in progress. Thought I had nailed it once I had my PPN’s added in but no.  My guide gave me more suggestions to tighten it up, so I continue to make it better.

I am interested on what this week’s assignment will be and I look forward to Mark’s intensity as I believe he is a great cheerleader and a cheerleader is what I need to keep going.  Let the repetition continue, I want to retrain my Subby!!

Now onto week 3.

Week 30 Blog:  Coming

There is nothing like the Master Key Experience. If you want to discover how to get off your hamster wheel, the one that keeps you repeating the same experiences over and over, this is the program you have been searching for. Discover how to become a different person so that you can have a different experience and achieve new and amazing things.

Adding your name and email in the boxes found on the above menu bar (MKKMA Course) or on the 7 Day Mental Diet on the right-hand side of this blog puts you on the 2016 early bird list! Don’t miss your opportunity to have the life of your design.

The Master Key Experience will stay with you long after the course has finished. How do I know? I am a graduate of the program and happy to say was a guide for the 2015 class.

This is self-development like you have never experienced. If you do the work….you will see the results!

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Week 28 My Master Key Experience Guest Blog

This is a guest blog written by Patty, one of the MKMMA guides.

So what is “the truth”?

Ask twenty people and you’ll get twenty different answers, mostly involving whatever ideology was imprinted onto them as part of their old blueprint: a copy of a copy of a copy, as Mark J likes to say.

We already know that the evidence of our senses is only a clue to the truth, and may actually be wrong.

So what does Haanel say?

When you come to know that every form of disease, sickness, lack and limitation are simply the result of wrong thinking, you will have come to know “the Truth which shall make you free.” ….

… Your real work consists in convincing yourself of the truth of these statements. When you have succeeded in doing this you will have no difficulty in thinking the truth, and as has been shown, the truth contains a vital principle and will manifest itself.

(emphasis mine)

In other words, you don’t have to ‘work’ at manifesting the truth once you have it. However, there is a bit of mental work involved in breaking out of the “cement” – the mindless slavery to others’ ideas, opinions, and ideologies – then getting control of yourself to the point that you can look past relying only on your senses and experiences and begin to grasp your own destiny for yourself.

(for example, this month, Og Mandino tells us to master our emotions – easier said than done at times)

Haanel isn’t saying anything new; this is basically what he’s been saying the entire time. Last year, I didn’t get it, to be honest. I feel as if I’m just starting to understand what he’s talking about. I have had a lot of cement on there. :)

I do like this statement of his very much:

…you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested.

Isn’t that what we do every day? We believe certain things (whether or not they’re true) then live like they’re true, think as if they’re true, make choices as if they’re true, react to others as if they’re true … and what else did you think was going to happen? This thing you believe begins to manifest in your life!

And the things we think are imprinted on us from the time we’re born, when we’re not much more than just a subby ourselves, before the conscious mind can form enough to be a “watchman”.

Some people have overcome this alone, after decades of labor and heartache. Most people (like 99%) never even know how to begin. They just live feeling trapped and die regretting that they never did what they were born to do.

That’s why it’s so important to get help from like-minded people. To start examining your thoughts.

You know what I’m going to say. If you haven’t started on the 7 Day mental diet, why not? If you gave up, why? You’ll be a whole lot better, and you’ll have a great head start when the Master Key Experience comes around in September.

I love this quote:

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

Thanks for hanging with me another year. Be well.

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Week 27 My Master Key Experience Guest Blog

This post is from my fellow MKMMA’er Jen.  I hope you enjoy.

One week out of the MKMMA program and I am still hanging out with the big boys, Haanel, Mandino, and Emerson.  I have visited with some other gems as well, but these are my roommates as of right now.  My new life’s growth is soaring, THRIVING!  I am writing nearly everyday, meeting many of my daily requires with a…..happy knack?  What?!?!?!?Whoop!  Whoop! 

Throughout the MKMMA experience Mark, Davene, and Trish stressed the importance of making friends with the guy or gal in the glass and, especially the future self.  I hear them, but hearing something and implementing it are two very different things.  My future self was always more like an after thought.  Like, I didn’t eat all day and then got home and binged on chips and hummus.  Now I will go make dinner for my son and probably eat dinner, too.  Oh, crap, sorry future self, guess it is going to be your job to lose those extra pounds.  Oooooohhhh, cookies.  Yeah, so, not friends just yet, more like a personal trainer I wanted to give a really hard task and see it they were up to the challenge.  But now that we are onto the next chapter in this book of life, post MKMMA, post weekly webinars where I get a jolt of inspiration, post exercises and assignments that I did because I am a ‘good’ student; I must inspire myself in my areas of challenge, not just the easy street stuff, my go-to success subjects.  I must choose to be an inspiration to myself and deeply connected to my future self and the impact my present has on her.  I must do this, because I am worthy of my highest expression, I am deserving of all the good that is meant just for me to enjoy; I am nature’s greatest miracle after all.  And that is true, right now.

You see, when I thought of my future self, she was awesome.  She is fully aligned with her spirit, profoundly connected and aware of her life purpose, confident in herself, trusting of the Universal mind and it’s infallible nature, living a life of gratitude, fulfillment, health, wealth, and love.  And, you know what, I didn’t feel good enough for her.  Can you believe that?  So, I was making it hard on her, God love me.  She was just too awesome to be friends with the likes of me.  Even writing this now, it seems silly to say, but it was true, maybe it will be true again tomorrow.  As Og said, this too shall pass.  But today, in this moment, I am feeling in harmony with my true self, future self, Divine expression.  Yippy!!!!  I am feeling it people, and it feels gooooooooooooddddddd!  What was the turning point you ask?  Well, a song interestingly enough.  On the final call of the class, our fearless (fear-using) leaders put a slideshow to music and had me crying like a baby the whole thing.  Tissues littering the floor around me like a chalk outline kind of crying.  So, after the webinar, I thought, what are some songs in my personal soundtrack of this journey.  Two came to mind instantly, ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ by Coldplay and ‘Be Welcome Here’ by Peter Makena.  Now, the second song in particular had a profound effect on me during two pivotal, transformative times in my life.  One was last year while I was living in Costa Rica.  I hear this song for the first time during an early morning meditation. 

The lyrics,

And you’ll the day will come

when will elation you will greet

yourself at your own door

to give your heart back to the self

to the stranger

who has loved you

all your life

impact me profoundly.  During this moment, I knew the stranger was my soul, whom I had not yet known intimately as a result of living life in my head, for other people’s expectations, ideals, and ways, and distrusting my ability to handle the brilliance that existed within me.  And then realizing in that moment, that no matter how much I denied, ignored, dismissed, rejected, or silenced this authentic spiritual me, my soul (I) still loved me.  I still looked at this fragmented version of me with appreciation, acceptance, gratitude, and reverence.  Wow!!!  I know, right, that’s some deep stuff, huh?  Of course, since that time, this song has held a special place in my heart.  Now, fast forward to me hearing it after the MKMMA experience with all the knowledge and expansion that has taken place within me over the past five months and I have another epiphany with the song.  The future self, the one I am not good enough to become friends with, let alone become; is the stranger, too.  The most divine, self actualized expression of me, without concrete weighing her down, a multitude of voices in her head drowning out the truth, or a pair of eyes that only see what is outside of her.  Double WOW!  My future self, the stranger that has loved me all my life, is always my friend, without exception, regardless of whether I eat the cookie or not, finish my three reads that day, or see the beauty and power within me at any given moment.  My future self is holding the vision, the space, and the confidence that we are becoming one.  Thank God for her.  She is awesome!  Just like me.

Much Love,


Asheville Trip6

P.S.  Say hello to your future self, the stranger that has loved you for all your life, today!  He or she will be sitting next to mine watching us with such love and appreciation.

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Week 26: Open Letter to Mark, Davene, Trish, and the entire MKMMA team

I am committed to living a life of observation. Paying attention to my thoughts, emotions, opinions, and consciously making a commitment to live in the present. Accepting that life is unfolding as it should.

It is during these observation that I have become aware of happy I am. I laugh often. I feel light and airy. I am living in the moment like I never have before. And the best part is my story, the one that has played in my head over and over, is gone. Quiet. Silent.

I no longer yearn for the approval of others, but rather I am confident in my ability and secure that I am living my life to the best of my ability. I have an inner calm and contentment that I have never known before. And I am grateful.

I am appreciative that I was introduced to the Master Key Experience. That I dug in right from the beginning to reap the benefits of reclaiming my authenticity and personal power. You see I have taken the Hero’s Journey and experienced the silence. I have been to the abyss and made the choice to accept who I was. With a clear understanding of who I was and what I have to offer I have returned to my community with an enthusiasm to share what I have learned. My passion overrides any internal conflict because I am solid in my understanding of who I am.

What did I learn along the way? The learned about the GAP. The gap begins when we make decisions based on what we think other people want or need; make decisions to please other people; do what we think is right; are not true to ourselves and our personal values.

It is the gap between our authentic self and our perception of who we are that creates the stress in our lives. During our lifetime we have embraced the beliefs, attitudes, and values of those around us. Associative memories have layered our brilliance with cement, hiding our gifts and talents not only from the world, but also from ourselves. We have allowed ourselves to accept the associative memories as truth, forcing us to defend our point of view, because we have allowed these memories to define us. Strengthening the peptides that draw us further and further from our true self. It is our subconscious mind, reliving experiences, that keeps us from being in the moment. It is our lack of awareness and our lack of understanding that has forced us to follow the crowd. We have lost our ability to think for ourselves as we are ruled by fear and the opinions and beliefs of others.

The Master Key Experience provided for me the missing pieces. It gave me the application of knowledge. You see knowledge does not apply itself. Your mind learns through habit and repetition and if you do not create new habits you are bound to stay on your hamster wheel, reliving the same experience over and over.

Everything begins with a thought. Thought charged with emotions create new beliefs. New beliefs drive a change in action which in turn bring about different results.

While I was in the Master Key Experience I wrote my Definite Major Purpose which became the blueprint for my new life. I became the architect of my own life and created a vision that my contractor (subconscious mind) could clearly follow. Rather than trying solve life’s problems from my finite conscious brain, I have requested the power of my infinite subconscious mind to create from nothing the life of my choosing.

What has happened? I have opened my business Intuitive Understanding. In this capacity I guide and inspire animals and people to live life to the fullest. My business has two components: Life Coaching including a variety of energy modalities such as Reiki, Access Bars, and The One Command. I assist others to understand themselves through a personality assessment. And I support animals through Reiki and Animal Communication. The common link to all is intuition.

I have noticed that as I embraced my personal power my business attracted clients. Clients who were ready to muster the courage to take their own Hero’s Journey. To face and blast through their fears and blocks to reclaim their authentic self.

When we are children we know what we want to do with our lives. It is evident in how we chose to spend our time. For me I played school and I spent the bulk of my adult career in education. I wanted to be a nurse and today I work in the healing sector. I wanted to be a social worker and while today I coach people, I have spent a good portion of my time in education counselling students on issues such as time management, peer conflicts, career counselling, etc.

What I have learned is that I have always been close to my bliss. It was the associative memories and the environment that prevented me from seeing it. It was the CEMENT that prevented me from seeing it.

You see I have been living my purpose all along. What I have learned is that if it is easy it is our purpose. As Mark illustrates a bee does not think about why he is visiting a flower. He does not evaluate the happiness that will result from this activity, but rather it simply makes love to the flower because that is what it is meant to do. The world benefits from this union.

There is no gap in nature. Nature simply works in harmony. It takes what it needs and it gives back without expectation of reciprocity.

  • In business we need to focus on our ability and natural talents.
  • We are on purpose when we operate from our natural strengths.
  • Because these gifts come to us easily, we take what we do for granted.
  • Because we take what we do for granted, it must not be special.
  • Because it’s not special, we don’t charge for our services.
  • Because we don’t charge for our services it loses value.
  • Because it has no value we lose our self-confidence.
  • When we lose our self-confidence we cannot attract clients.
  • Without clients we do not have a business.
  • To be successful in business we must protect our confidence at all cost.

I would like to offer my gratitude to Carolynn Sokil for introducing me to the Master Key Experience. I would like to thank Mark, Davene, Trish and the entire MKMMA team for giving me my life back. It sounds like an exaggeration but I mean this will all my heart. Because of the Master Key Experience I am free to experience life without judgement. I have mastery of my thoughts with a toolbox laden with tools that I am able to access for a lifetime.

I know that challenges will arise and I will be faced with hurdles along the way. But I am confident in my ability to flip these negative thoughts around allowing me to regain control of my ship.

I would recommend this course to anyone looking to reconnect with their purpose, their bliss, or simply their authentic self.


Tammy Adams

Week 25 My Master Key Experience Guest Blog Sandra Owen

Persistently Self Directed

dog-with-big-boneThis week has really tested my persistence and determination to meet new challenges. Over the last two weeks I have found myself on a steep learning curve to overcome technical issues. From having to totally reinstall my hard drive, upgrade to El Capitan to continue my work and learning to navigate audio and editing functions to prepare launch videos and then learn to compress them correctly, my brain is beginning to feel numb!!!

All I wanted was to help people reconnect and reignite their creative imagination so they can move themselves forward in their own life. However, the process has involved a lot more than anything I first envisaged back in 2013. But knowing in my heart that all this effort and persistence is to help others as well as myself keeps me going, often until 2am night after night. Having a vision is crucial, and getting it right is important to me. I am like a dog with a bone when I want to achieve something. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and the path will become clear.

emerson quoteThis week in the MasterKey Experience we have been invited to read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on Self Reliance. To be perfectly honest with you I have simply not had the time to read it this week with everything else I am working on. But thankfully I read it last year and spent several days deciphering the language and writing out in plain English, so this year I am able to read these instead, which has been much quicker. Basically my understanding from Emerson’s writing is the importance of trusting in your own feelings rather than the opinions of others. Only you know what is right or wrong for you, and to be easy on yourself, forgive yourself if you mess up and don’t be afraid to change your mind on things if or when you find new information.

He points out that a jagged line from a distance appears straight, and your true actions will align with your other true actions and your true nature is revealed. Don’t conform to please others, live in the now. All power is always in the now, the present, and greater Self-reliance is needed. You will never find the answers outside of your Self. Travelling the world for art and learning is good; but travelling because you believe you will find your Soul elsewhere is foolish. As I maintain my coordinates and head ever forward towards my destination I trust myself to know which direction to take next, knowing that everything so far has proven I am on the right track. Is it a bit scary? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes. It’s life but not as I knew it! Would I go back and change anything? No.  Keep on trekkin, have fun and you will reach your Star.

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Week 24 My Master Key Experience Guest Blog

Week 24 MKMMA:  Raising our consciousness

bee love pixlrwritten by Barb Westfall

Bees work in unity consciousness…..that means they work for the highest good of all.  Every action is known by all and done to help their hive (considered ONE super-organism) to thrive its best.  Bees cannot survive on their own.  They need the whole group to keep themselves warm, gather food, raise the brood babies, care for each other, etc.  Yet, their effects are vast.  They give to the plants they pollinate, the animals and humans who eat the fruit, the Earth by allowing Nature to be abundant for all.  They truly GIVE more than they TAKE.

This blog feels like it will meander.

I was listening to Lee Carroll channel Kryon today as I was painting my entrance way.  Kryon was bringing forth the stages of how Planet Earth is Ascending in CONSCIOUSNESS.  We had to pass the marker of 2012 to enter into a new energy that would start shifting humanity’s consciousness ….. from fear/survival mode for eons ….. to a Creator as a loving Being…….to a Creator as a loving, compassionate Being.  We are learning to have compassion for ALL LIFE as our consciousness raises.  Kryon described enlightenment in a way I found fascinating.  Tolerance ….. non-judgement for all religious beliefs and non-believers.

I have been following Steve Beckow in his ascension process for years now.  He blogs this on Golden Age of Gaia daily.  It is fascinating since he is sooooo honest with himself and transparent to the world.  He has lately been experiencing BLISS and describing the feel/when it arises/what turns it off/how to function in bliss, etc.

In his post entitled “The movement from drama to bliss” on March 11, 2016, he mentions that “judgement closes down the space in which bliss resides.” Underneath all the societal conditioning we received at young ages, is our natural state……bliss, love, joy and happiness.

So what does this have to do with MKMMA?

Babies are filled with joy, happiness, bliss and love.  That, I believe,  is our natural state.  So what happened?  Where is that state in me now?  Well, under a pile of conditioning called cement on the Buddha.  Our light is in there.  We just have to remove all the limiting beliefs so that our natural state shines brightly.

The challenge I am working through is judgment.  I can clearly see and correct judgments of others as they occur in my mind.  But it appears a much more challenging task to identify the judgments against myself. 

MKMMA gives you the insights, understandings, and tools to truly chip off the cement of social conditioning.  One just has to apply them regularly, with persistence, to shift their consciousness level.  Fear is on the decline and joy is on the rise for me.

Imagine a world that works for everyone.  Just like the bees, we each contribute our part to the whole.  No judgment against myself or others.  Tolerance, peace, freedom, equality and abundance for all.

This MKMMA course is a step in that direction.

Thank you to the MKMMA staff for such a high quality course.

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Week 23 Guest Blog The Hardest Thing I Have Ever Done

Jennifer Daniels has done a terrific job of summarizing the work involved in implementing change in her life.  She is honest about the challenges and excited about the rewards.  Taking responsibility for your life is so freeing.  Thanks Jennifer for your insight……

This program is, by far, one of the hardest things I have ever done.  And I have taken on some pretty challenging endeavors in my life.  It came to me at a point in my life when I was truly ready to grow up.  And not in the Western sense of having the material expressions of adulthood, house, car, career, and 401K.  I am talking about the 3 components of the Law of Least Effort.  I am talking about the Science of Getting Rich.  I am talking about the Masterkey System.  I am referring to being in conscious possession of my authentic power, expressed with wisdom, focus, enthusiasm, and oriented towards service to the greater good.  I am talking about having and, more importantly, implementing the tools to live my ideal life in this world.  

The amount of persistence, concentration, and faith that I have cultivate over the past 5 months has surpassed anything I can remember existing in my life before.  I find myself repeating an anthem, “Nothing shall retard my new life’s growth.” when I face challenges, obstacles, and the inner resistance that has been crippling to my progress in the past.  I am bouncing back from setbacks and letdowns like a frickin’ ninja here people and what once would be a deterrent to future growth in the past, have now become motivations to get back to the material and try it again.  I have done many brave things in my life, but staying the course with the MKMMA experience and, most importantly, surrendering to the comprehensive program created by Mark, Davene, and all the people who were called into the Hero’s journey that helped bring this vision to fruition has tested my commitment and resolve over and over.  How badly do you want to reach your potential as a human being Jen?  Do you want it bad enough to get out of this warm, cozy bed and check in with the gal in glass?  How much do you want that DMP to be your actual reality?  Then it is time to repeat Do It Now 25 times and then figure out your A and B and DO IT NOW.  Are you willing to do it differently?  Are you capable of missing the mark, seeing where improve is needed, and then go forward with enthusiasm?  HELL YEAH!

So at this point in the game of life, I am willing to bare it all and share with you where I am.  I talked on the last webcast about how an unfulfilled life is an unfulfilled life, no matter what it looks like.  It could be unrealized dreams that you never tried for and have convinced yourself is not even possible at this point in your life.  It can be sitting on the couch day after day watching whatever programming works for you.  It might be living with some form of addiction or self-sabotaging pattern that keeps you stuck in dissatisfying circumstances.  Maybe you just go to sleep feeling that life has lost its luster and you are just going through the motions.  Perhaps, like me, you are focused on an awesome fulfilled future but waiting for some benevolent creator to plop it in your lap after you figure out the worthiness formula.  Whatever it looks like, something is missing, desires are unfulfilled, and the most important ingredient for an unfulfilled life, you don’t feel the power within you to change anything.  Sprinkle a heavy dose of conditioning on top, and you have a person who never gets to experience their heart desire fulfilled.  I have always told people, I would rather spend my whole life believing that I can have, do and be whatever I desire than succumb to the idea that we have no control over our destiny and things are going to happen the way they do regardless of intention, attention, and effort.  This program was built for people like me, baby!  And even though I may still be going through the motions at times, reading my DMP to get in the third time before I fall into bed, I am going to fake it until I become it.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, but everything can shift in an instant.  I think I heard somewhere it has a compounding effect, or something like that.  ;)

After this course, I know I have the power within me.  And even more awesome than that, I have put down the blame game.  I no longer look at my life and think there is something wrong with me and when I fix that thing, I will be gifted the life of my dreams.  The empowered adult is driving the ship.  My actions are no longer dependent and dictated by an abandoned child within me that is still trying to earn her reward from some parent figure (God) thinking that things aren’t fair and how did that mean man over there end up in that big house and the nice guy is riddled with cancer.  The child within is now along for the ride.  And instead of doing the same things that lead me to where I was when I got here, or judging the things I did as inappropriate in some way, I celebrate it all.  I celebrate my perceived successes and failures as experiences of expansion and gifts of clarity.  I know myself.  What could be a better gift than that.  I may still be refining what I want in life, but now I see that as a beautiful thing and not evidence of my inability to make a choice, commit, or just plain indecision.  I will forever being growing, refining, and expanding.  And knowing myself has empowered me with the vision to fulfill my dreams, not someone else’s. 

Today I live each day with Acceptance, Responsibility, Defenselessness

Today I focus on being of service, expressing the power within, living in gratitude, and doing my A and B

Much Love to you all



Just one of the many things I have had to overcome :)

P.S.  Thanks to the insights of the lovely Lorelei Sunshine , “Nothing shall retard my new life’s growth” has transformed into, “‘My new life’s growth is soaring, THRIVING!”  Much love and many thanks, Lorelei!

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Week 22a My Master Key Experience – Aware of an Invisible Force

Recently I went for a walk in the woods. It was a warm day. Mild. Quiet. There were no other people around except for my husband. As we made our way through the forest we came to a group of fallen down trees. He quickly climbed to the top of a slanted trunk, settling into a vantage point where had meditated early. I’m not too keen on heights and so I choose to sit at the base of the fallen tree.

As I settled into the stillness I became very aware of the sounds around me. They were subtle yet very present. I heard the leaves rustling above the snow. Twigs snapping. And I became very aware of the wet spot I had chosen to sit in. As the sounds amplified I became aware of a soft breeze. It was light at first but began to slowly increase in strength.

As I felt the wind blow across my face I became very aware of the power of this invisible force. I can’t see the wind itself and yet I know it exists. I know it exists because I can feel its presence on my skin. I can see the branches of the trees move. I can hear the sounds of the leaves as they are blown across the frozen ground. I can taste the dirt on a dry day and I can smell the aromas, fresh cut grass or burning leaves, that are carried to and away from me.

This invisible force propels sailboats. It lifts kites. Generates power. It dries the wet ground. Transports seeds. Supports birds and planes in flight. The wind, this invisible force, initiates and creates change and it supports life.

In the stillness I became aware of the invisible life force that exists within me. I can’t see it but I am aware of it. Just like the blowing wind I know that it exists. I can feel its presence. I can experience the change it brings when I am focused and how it sustains me year after year. In my mind’s eye, I can see images and feel emotions, that when applied to my visions materialize.

All life vibrates. Everything living moves. “Change the rate of vibration and you change the nature, quality and form.” (MKMMA: 22:6) The wind moves at a variety of levels. Sometimes it is so gentle you barely feel its presence while other times it can literally lifts the water from the ocean and topples trees.

I was using this power every day but until the Master Keys I was not using it intentionally. My energy was scattered. I was not consciously directing this energy and as a result I was not achieving the results I hoped for.

The Master Keys explains in further detail, “When our thought has been uplifted, progressive, constructive, courageous, noble, kind or in any other way desirable, we have set in motion vibrations which brought about certain results. When our thought has been filled with envy, hatred, jealousy, criticism or any of the other thousand and one forms of discord, certain vibrations were set in motion which brought about certain other results of a different nature, and each of these rates of vibration, if kept up, crystallized in form. In the first case the result was mental, moral and physical health, and in the second case discord, in harmony and disease.” (MKMMA 22:8)

As I sat on the tree I was reminded that I needed to use this internal power wisely. I had to be constantly aware of my intentions, thoughts, and actions. Raising my vibration allows me to access this information easily, allowing me to be present. By raising my vibration it opens me to a different level of consciousness. I am aware that the higher my vibration the easier it is to destroy destructive patterns.

The key in accessing this infinite force is through stillness, meditation. In the quiet I am able to be aware of my thoughts and access the answers to my questions. Just as I became aware of the rustling leaves and the snapping twigs, my awareness to my surroundings heightens. My senses become engaged and I become a receiver.

On that quiet day in the forest I was reminded of the value of stillness. Of quiet. Of reconnecting with the internal force that exists within me. I am reminded that like the wind, I have the power to initiate change and support life. For that I am grateful.